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Welcome from the (Interim) Head of School

Welcome to The York School family! You have joined a vibrant, urban school community. Becoming part of The York School will change your life in positive ways as you and your child become immersed in our IB curriculum, our rich array of co-curriculars and the many social events we host to both educate and welcome our families.

This Welcome Package is for everyone:

For New Families - Pick-up, drop-off? Uniforms? Textbooks? Curriculum?
From key dates to how to find out what’s on the lunch menu, this Welcome Package provides you with everything you need to know as you prepare for September and familiarize yourself and your child to The York School.  

For Transitioning Families - JS-to-MS-to-SS
Seasoned veterans to the York School schedule, you might have some questions on curriculum and process as your child transitions from the Junior School to the Middle School, or from the Middle School to the Senior School.

For Returning Families - Refresher
As cultural ambassadors and champions for your children, your friendship and hospitality in extending a warm welcome and supporting new families is much appreciated as they learn about all the great things happening in our community.

This Welcome Package is a useful guide for you to refer to in these next few months. In no time, you will become familiar with all The York School has to offer and the many ways to get involved with our community. Our wonderful faculty and administration who support our students in their pursuit for continued academic excellence are also always on hand to help out if you have any more questions.

Over the summer we will be in touch with our school newsletter The Flash. Also, be sure to be part of the conversation via social media at #yorklearns.

We are looking forward to meeting you (again) and helping you on the exciting journey to give your children all the tools they need to succeed.

Struan Robertson,
Interim Head of School



Welcome from Ken Rotman and Julie Di Lorenzo,
Co-chairs of the Board of Directors

It is our pleasure to formally welcome you to The York School. Our school is guided by our mission; to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who are engaged citizens of the world. This mission inspires our faculty and students and indicates what we value in our school.  We are excited to have you and your child join The York School community and support us in fulfilling that mission.

As parents of York School students, we know firsthand that the school is filled with caring and enthusiastic educators who are focused on the student experience. This is a unique and wonderful school and we can honestly say our children are happy and thriving here. We trust that this will be true for you and your children as well. On the journey over the next few years, you hope you will forge some lasting friendships with other parents in our highly engaged community.

This Welcome Package is just the beginning of a great adventure for you and your family. Best wishes for a successful end to this academic year, and we will see you in September 2019!


Julie Di Lorenzo | Ken Rotman
Co-chairs of the Board of Directors


Welcome from the Director of Admissions & Advancement


Welcome to The York School Community!

For many of you, our Admission team has been the first point of contact for families coming to The York School. We’ve worked closely with you and your child to ensure that The York School is the right fit.

Beyond Admissions, our Department engages with the The York School community by supporting our students, faculty, alumni and York Parent Association (YPA), in the form of community building events, volunteer programs, and fundraising. From our speaker series ‘Coffee Connects’, to Halloween Parades and Pancake Breakfasts, we invite you to get involved with our community joining over 200+ volunteers.   

Thanks to the generosity of our community, we have been able to help enhance the student experience by sponsoring guest speakers, hiring professional coaches to support our student athletes, and support student travel for unique educational experiences. For highlights of how the community has helped our students shine, I invite you to view our latest Impact Report, profiling students who have benefitted from the extra support.   

If you have any questions over the summer about your child’s transition or wish to get more involved, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Praveen Muruganandan
Director of Admissions & Advancement


Key Contacts

Main School Phone Number: 416-926-1325 ext. 1101

Contacting Staff and Faculty
We strive to be as accessible as possible to our community. Each member of our staff and faculty can be reached via voicemail and/or email. Contact information can be found on our website in the “About Us” section under “Our People”: http://www.yorkschool.com/Page/About-Us/Our-People.

All staff emails follow the “first initial last name@yorkschool.com” format (e.g. jsmith@yorkschool.com). If you are unsure about whom to call, please contact our receptionist and your call will be directed appropriately.

If your child will be late or absent from school, please notify the school via email:

Junior School: 1639attendance@yorkschool.com
Middle & Senior School: 1320attendance@yorkschool.com

Leadership Team
Head of School (Interim) Struan Robertson 416-926-1325 ext 1226
Senior School Principal David Hamilton ext. 1117
Middle School Principal Helen Gin ext.1111
Junior School Principal Val Turner ext. 1631
CFO Janet MacMillan ext. 1182
Director of Admission & Advancement Praveen Muruganandan ext. 1129
Director of Student Citizenship Sarah Charley ext. 1120
Director of Student Wellness Elissa Kline-Beber ext 1220
Director of University Counselling David Hanna ext. 5274
Director Athletics Rick DeMarinis ext. 5277
All School
Head of School Executive Assistant Kimberley Benoit ext 1226
Accounting Department Winston Berrotte 4116-646-5276
Admission Inquiries Cidalia Gardner 416-646-5275
Advancement Michelle Golfman ext 1143
Athletics Assistant
Junior School
Junior School Principal Assistant Kate Boynton ext. 1614
Middle School
Middle School Principal Assistant Sally Warren ext.1111
Senior School
Senior School Principal Assistant Sandra Whittaker ext. 1186
General Inquires & Reception (MS & SS) Eric Iannacchino ext. 1101

All School 2019-2020 Calendar

YorkNet has every calendar you might need to plan the school year for your family. In YorkNet and our weekly newsletters, we provide links to the detailed monthly calendar. Once logged into YorkNet, the “Calendars” button gives you the ability to view and filter all calendars, from sporting events to debate club.

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Financial Information

This section is designed to help you plan for the financial requirements of sending your child or children to The York School. There are expenses beyond tuition that you will need to take into account, but not all potential costs will apply to all students.


Tuition Fee Payment Schedule 2019/2020

Installment Due Date JK/SK Gr. 1 - 12
1st February 8, 2019 $5,000.00 $5,000.00
2nd May 31, 2019 $11,500.00 $13,500.00
3rd September 27, 2019 $11,500.00 $13,500.00
Total Fees $28,000.00 $32,000.00

Online Payment
Through most major banks, The York School has been able to set up payment of tuition online. Please add your child’s 5-digit Account ID to make your payment.

Wire Transfer
Payments can also be made by wire transfer by contacting the business office for the transit information. Please note that you will also be responsible for all transfer charges.

Instalment Plan
Payment of the 2nd and 3rd tuition can be made by 10 instalment payments (direct electronic bank debits) commencing May 1, 2019 to February 1, 2020. An additional charge of $140 applies. Note: If you choose to make monthly fee instalments, please complete the Monthly Instalment Plan form which you would have received with the “Offer of Place” package, or please find them here: JK & SK | Grade 1 - 12.

Payments can also be made by cheque which can be dropped off or mailed to the school. The school does not accept cash payments for tuition or incidentals.

Credit Cards
Credit card payments through Plastiq can be made with most major credit cards. Go to https://TheYorkSchool.plastiq.com and register. Please note that payments may take 3-5 business days to process and that a service fee of 2.5% will be applied.

Statements of Account
Statements of account are rendered periodically throughout the year and reflect, not only the fee instalments outlined above, but also additional charges including those for books, York Parents’ Association membership, cafeteria charges, supplies, cultural and sporting activities, etc. These charges are due upon receipt of a statement.

Interest is charged at 1.25% per month (15% per annum) on statement balances remaining unpaid for more than a month. Students with fees unpaid at the end of one term will not be permitted to return for the next term unless suitable payment arrangements have been made.

Responsibility for Full Payment of Fees
To plan the operating budget, the school establishes fees and makes contractual commitments in advance of the academic year. Therefore, withdrawals prior to or during the school year are subject to cancellation fees. In special circumstances, the school may pro-rate the fees to the date of withdrawal.

The York School reserves the right to suspend or dismiss any student whose scholarship, behaviour or cooperation is, in the opinion of the Head of School, detrimental to the standards of the school. In the event of a student’s suspension, dismissal, withdrawal or absence from the school for any reason, the parents or guardians are liable for payment of the fees.

Withdrawal & Tuition Refund Policy
If a student withdraws subsequent to registration, the following refund policy applies:

Withdrawal & Tuition Refund Policy
If a student withdraws subsequent to registration, the following refund policy applies:

After Feb. 8th, 2019: There is no refund of the first instalment fee ($5,000.00).
Jun. 1st to Aug. 31st, 2019: One-half of the second instalment fee will be refunded.
After Sept.1st, 2019: There is no refund of the second instalment fee.
Oct. 1st to Dec. 31st, 2019: One-half of the third instalment fee will be refunded.
After Jan. 1st, 2020: There is no refund of the third instalment fee.

The school reserves the right to terminate the enrolment of a student at any time. Depending on the circumstances, fees may be prorated to the date of termination.

Tax Receipting Information – Child Care Receipt
A child care receipt is issued for a student if child was 16 or under during the calendar year. Generally, only the spouse or common-law partner with the lower net income can claim child care expenses. If your child attended Extended Care, the fees have been included on the child care receipt.

The York School must issue a T4A to a student who has received financial assistance or scholarships. These amounts are considered by the Canada Revenue Agency as income of the recipient in the year received. However, budget 2006 and 2007 fully exempted scholarship, fellowship and bursary income received by elementary, secondary, and post-secondary school students. These measures will help ensure that no Canadian is deterred from accepting and experiencing exceptional education opportunities.

A T2202A will be issued to students in respect of tuition fees paid to The York School in 2017 for Higher Level courses in the school’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. If the student does not use all the T2202A, the unused portion up to a maximum of $5,000.00 can be transferred to the parent. No claim can be made for the education and textbook tax credits as The York School is not designated by the province for the purposes of the Canada Student Loans Programme.

If your child is involved in the Co-curricular Programme or Athletic Programme at the Junior School, he or she may be eligible for a Children’s Arts Tax Credit or a Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.

Financial Assistance

The York School has limited funds available for financial assistance. Application for assistance is made through Apple Financial.

If you have any questions about the schedule of fees and payments, please do not hesitate to contact Accounts Receivable at 416.646.5276


The York School Fund

The York School offers a world-class IB education and like all top-tier independent schools we rely on donations to be truly competitive and enable our students and faculty to meet their full potential.

While tuition and fees cover our basic operating costs, donations are critical to the program enhancements that make The York School really shine.

All families are encouraged to make an annual donation to the school that is comfortable and meaningful for them.

We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support we receive from our community that allows us to continually innovate and create opportunities for our students to be their best selves.

Please visit our website to learn more.



There are four main channels The York School predominantly uses to communicate and interact with the community:

This is the online platform you and your child recently used to apply to The York School. It is our portal providing the day-to-day information a family needs for school. It is password protected and customized to each member of our community.

When you log in, you will see school calendars, announcements, news, registration forms, directories, lunch menus and more. During the school year, YorkNet will be your bridge to:

  • make parent-teacher interview appointments,

  • sign up for athletic programmes

  • keep track of all the activities and progress of your child

How to access:
There is a YorkNet login tab in the top right-hand corner of our website.

  1. Click the YORKNET link and enter the same username and password you used throughout the Admission process.

  2. Review your family’s information in YorkNet and make any necessary updates. If you wish to alter your privacy settings in the school directory, please contact communications@yorkschool.com. Forget your password? Just click “need help” and enter your email to reset!

  3. Your custom view will look somewhat like this:

Student Resource Pages
Students from JK through Grade 12 have resource pages to complement the curriculum and accessible through YorkNet as well. Parents can also access these resources to stay informed or to help your child while at home. No extra usernames or passwords are required.

2. The Flash Weekly Newsletter
The York School publishes a weekly all-school e-newsletter to keep parents up-to-date with news from the Head of School and Divisional Principals and to inform parents of events and student activities. These include key community and citizenship initiatives such as the Terry Fox Run, but also the student play or arts showcase in which your child might be participating.

Like a newspaper with difference sections, The Flash is divided into Junior School, Middle School, and Senior School news for easy navigation. The ‘Beyond York’ tab is for University preparation and career development.  

Most of the school’s information goes through The Flash rather than individual emails.

3. We’re Social! #YORKLEARNS
Stay tuned and engage in conversation around what’s happening at the school and in our community via:


We #yorklearns our posts so you can check in anytime. We invite you to do the same to chime in on the conversation. For example, if you’re at the varsity basketball game and you want to share the score at half-time with the community, please do!

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 2.10.19 PM.png

Food Services

The York School offers Food Services at both the Junior School and Middle & Senior School campuses. As a ‘nut-aware’ facility, all food that is sent to The York School should be free of nuts. If you are sharing food with your class, all food must come from nut-free facility.

Junior School
Aramark is our food service provider at the Junior School and ensures that our students and staff receive nutritious, balanced meals every day. Menus are planned by term and rotate in three week cycles. Menus are posted on the YorkNet calendar.

Middle & Senior School
The York Cafe will feature food options provided by Aramark, our food services provider, as well as an on-site Freshii. Students are welcome to bring lunches and snacks to school as long as they are nut-free.

Grade 9-12 students can choose to leave the school for lunch and Middle School grades enjoy periodic “Lunch Out” privileges throughout the year.


The York School Wellness Programme

Central to The York School’s approach to education is an appreciation for the importance of supporting the whole child. Through our robust homeroom and advisor programme in all three divisions, students have the opportunity to nurture meaningful relationships with teachers and peers and explicitly address social/emotional learning and character building.

We are available to work with individual students, parents and faculty to ensure that our students’ unique psychosocial needs are addressed. For any questions you may have, please contact Elissa Kline-Beber, Director of Student Wellness, at 416-926-1325 ext. 1220 or ekline-beber@yorkschool.com.


The York Parents Association (YPA)

You and your family have joined an engaged, active, and caring community that promotes the development of the whole student.

The York School Parents’ Association (YPA) plays a large part in contributing to this vibrant community. The YPA is a volunteer organization that conducts events that increase school spirit and camaraderie. The YPA also encourages volunteerism and raises funds to support the school. All parents and guardians of current students are automatically members of the YPA.

Some of the events organized by the YPA include Coffee Connects, Pancake Breakfasts and the Second-Hand Uniform Sale, and so much more. There are many opportunities to volunteer throughout the year, so please consider getting involved! From being a Class Parent to helping at the YPA Halloween Party at the Junior School, it is fun, rewarding, and a great opportunity to meet and get to know other parents in our community.

The best time to learn about all the volunteer opportunities at York is in September when our community comes together for the first time in the new school year. At this Coffee Connects event we detail all the ways to get involved at York and you will have an opportunity to meet with many parents. The date for our Coffee Connects is September 6, 2019. Please mark this in your calendar and more details will be sent to you in August.  

The YPA Executive is elected at the YPA Annual General Meeting in June to lead and direct the YPA for the following year.  We are always looking for interested members to join the Executive, so please consider being a part of this vibrant and dedicated group.

Full information about the YPA, who we are, what we do, and how you can get involved, is available on YorkNet. Simply sign in and click on the YPA button.

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